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  1. Sep 08,  · sweat itself should not have any smell. Its the bacteria on your body which causes a foul odor. Sometimes what you eat can affect the way you smell. you said sometimes so i'm assuming it doesn't always smell like it, if so maybe its cause you eat.
  2. Heater smells like Onions! Sounds stupid, but when i turn my heater on, it smells like cooked onions. My wife thinks so too, just to make sure i am not crazy. I read about a gas smell coming out when the heater is turned on, but not onion smell. Any ideas? _____ Fun stuff: 86 Carrera 70 Chevy c
  3. Sep 27,  · I am a 48 year old woman who has always had a sweet smelling body odor, even when sweating heavily. But recently (within the past two weeks) I have noticed a strong onion smell coming from me when I sweat. At first I thought it was coming from my genital/anal region, but it .
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  5. Mar 29,  · An old tampon can begin to smell of rotting onions in a few days. Some people also suggest it smells like rotting meat. Either way, an old tampon certainly gives off .
  6. Jul 18,  · Hey folks. I grew an autoflowering white widow plant from Nirvana. After drying the bud looks great loaded with trics but it smells like straight up onions. Has anyone ever had this happen? If so is it safe to smoke and what could've caused this to happen. Thanks.
  7. Apr 12,  · Child smells like onions, recently developed body odor. Posted on Mon, 11 Jun Question: My 7 yr old son smells like onions. He has recently developed body odor, but in the past few days has had an onion odor. He bathed last night, but has the odor this morning. Child smells like onions recently developed body odorAuthor: Dr. Robert Galamaga.
  8. Nov 19,  · Why does my sweat smell like vinegar? If this is the question in your mind, the above video shows you the causes, treatment and prevention tips that can work in .

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